Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Design Decisions

I think my top three design decisions were:

1. Wrapping the granite counter around the corner post to create a landing for keys/mail.
2. Painting black all doors and window seats.
3. Installing feature wood wall in bedroom.

But I have to mention a fourth: replacing baseboards and door hardware. Nothing contributes more to an update.

Here's what I'd do differently:

1. Lay a new floor over the existing one in the bathroom.
2. Spend less on countertops. I think I could have gotten the same impact with a less expensive option.
3. Not use Kraftmaid. The quality of my kitchen cabinets are fine; dealing with that company was laughable.

I really love my salvaged lamps! Thanks, Steve, for letting me take the cow rug from home. Oh, you don't see the wooden end table... haha.

The sliding barn door between bedroom and living room is very functional. I close it at night to cool bedroom only and keep them open during the day to expand the living area. Now, who was it that wanted to wall these up? Let me think...

I really like how this little corner from the 1960's turned out! The table is my best flea market story: An original Saarinen tulip table (with inventory tag from the PSFS building in Philadelphia - the first air conditioned high rise in the U.S.) We purchased it for $40. Saw one on ebay for $550.

I have a mural for this wall, but I like its starkness. No one else seems to agree.

We've had this chair forever. Painted black, it becomes just a silhouette -- and very modern.

Every room needs a feature, and in the bathroom it's this show-stopping faucet.

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  1. I can't believe how much work you've done. The new condo is gorgeous, especially the cow rug. Personally, I love the stark white wall. I also love the flea market couch find. In fact, I have (1) a very early 70's sound system AND a (2) futon/hospital bed that would look FAB in your place. Or does the word "futon" make you depressed? It is a depressing word, I agree. But it's so ugly, it's practically beautiful. Ugly and sad is the new cool.